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WildWork equips animal care professionals with enrichment resources so their animals can live happy, stimulated lives.

Tools and Instructables

What's the Point of Animal Enrichment?

This is a great resource that describes the basics of animal enrichment, and is perfect for students, interns, and new caretakers.


Steps & Tips for Creating Enrichment

Not all enrichment is created equal! Follow these steps and tips to make the best enrichment possible.


How to
Evaluate Enrichment

Learn how to evaluate and rate enrichment based on behavioral observations.

Links and Resources

We've compiled a collection of some of the best enrichment around.

Want even more enrichment ideas? Check out our Pinterest boards!

This is a great resource for people looking to learn more about the science behind animal enrichment.

If you're looking for creative DIY bird enrichment ideas, this blog is for you!

Find even more enrichment inspiration and learn about the importance of enrichment in welfare.

This is a great collection of academic papers, institutional protocols, enrichment programs, and more.

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