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Water Jug Roller


Food-Based Enrichment


Canids, Felids, Marsupials, Ungulates

Food Extraction

Problem Solving


Object Manipulation

Why We Like It

We love this idea because it can be adapted for many different animals, just about any type of food, and food extraction can be made easy or difficult based on which animal you're using this with. Make the holes in the jug bigger for easier extraction, and smaller for a more time-consuming task.

  • Empty water jug

  • Drill

  • Food

How to Make It
  1. Thoroughly clean the water jug and remove any sharp edges

  2. Determine which size holes you want to make based on the food you're going to use. You can increase the size of the holes to make food come out more easily, or decrease them so food comes out more slowly.

  3. Drill various holes around the barrel of the jug

  4. Fill with food

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