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Tree Cookie Stacks


Food-Based Enrichment


Great for primates and procyonids. Can be modified for use with most land mammals and some birds.

Object Manipulation

Problem Solving


Food Extraction

Why We Like It

This is a great food-based enrichment that can be used on exhibit due to its natural appearance. It is super easy to make and can be made almost any size for use with a variety of animals.

  • Tree or log cross-sections (choose a size appropriate for the animal it will be used with)

  • Extra long eye bolt

  • Locking washer

  • Locking nut

  • Drill bit slightly larger than the diameter of your eye bolt

How to Make It
  1. Clean your tree cross sections so they're ready for use with your animal.

  2. Drill a hole through the center of each tree cross section

  3. Thread each tree cross section onto the eye bolt

  4. Put your locking washer followed by your locking nut onto the eye bolt and tighten

  5. Smear or smash foods between each tree cross section

WildThink did not create and does not own any of the enrichment items shown on WildThink's enrichment database. Enrichment items are the property of their respective "sources", which can be found below the title of each enrichment item. WildThink is not responsible for any animal injuries or deaths that may occur whilst using enrichment found on WildThink's enrichment database. It is the responsibility of animal caretakers, managers, curators, and attending veterinarians to ensure that each enrichment item and the materials used to make the enrichment item are safe and suitable for an animal prior to use. WildThink is not liable for enrichment malfunctions.

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