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TP Roll Stacks


Food-Based Enrichment


Great for small animals able to climb or fly

Food Extraction



Why We Like It

This is a quick enrichment that you can make with some items from around the workplace. The toilet paper tubes can be filled with just about anything and can be arranged in so many different ways, so you can be creative with this enrichment and tailor it to you animals.

  • Toilet paper tubes

  • Thin wooden dowel

  • Binder clips to secure dowel to enclosure

How to Make It
  1. Pierce the wooden dowel through each toilet paper tube and evenly space the tubes once they're on the dowel

  2. Fill each toilet paper tube with food, bedding, scents, and other substrates

  3. Place in the enclosure ensuring that your animal can't harm themselves with the dowel. You can use binder clips to secure each end of the dowel to the enclosure if needed.

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