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Texture Mat


Sensory Enrichment


Designed for aquatic animals, but can be modified for land animals


Tactile Behavior


Why We Like It

We don't see a lot of texture-based sensory enrichment for underwater animals, and this is a great idea. Make sure you supervise animals while they have this enrichment, and only provide the enrichment for a short period of time. There is potential risk of ingestion, so use this enrichment carefully.

  • Large industrial non-slip rubber floor mat

  • Extra heavy duty zip ties

  • Rubber sink mat

  • Carpet sample

  • Straw door mat

  • Artificial turf mat

  • Rubber-coated sink drying rack

How to Make It
  1. Thoroughly clean all of the materials

  2. Poke holes through all four corners of each of the mats/carpet samples

  3. Poke holes through the industrial floor mat, or "base"

  4. Use the zip ties to secure each of the mats to the industrial floor mat base by threading the zip ties through the holes on each of the corners, and then through the holes in the floor mat base. Make sure the fastener portion of the zip tie is on the underside of the base.

WildThink did not create and does not own any of the enrichment items shown on WildThink's enrichment database. Enrichment items are the property of their respective "sources", which can be found below the title of each enrichment item. WildThink is not responsible for any animal injuries or deaths that may occur whilst using enrichment found on WildThink's enrichment database. It is the responsibility of animal caretakers, managers, curators, and attending veterinarians to ensure that each enrichment item and the materials used to make the enrichment item are safe and suitable for an animal prior to use. WildThink is not liable for enrichment malfunctions.

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