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Scratch Board


Sensory Enrichment


Great for felines/feliforms of all sizes





Why We Like It

This is the first enrichment item that was submitted to our database, thanks to Charlotte Fawkes from the Borth Wild Animal Kingdom! This is a very clever idea that's a great scent enrichment to encourage rubbing and grooming in cats. Charlotte says, "Spices or herbs or other scents can be rubbed/sprayed onto carpet. Feathers can be pushed through the holes in the hessian sack." 

  • Wooden Board (large enough for the hessian/burlap sack to fit tightly)

  • Hessian/burlap sack

  • Carpet

  • Screws/Washers

How to Make It
  1. Pull hessian sack over the wooden board

  2. Wrap carpet around the bottom half of the board (where the open end of the hessian sack is) and secure on the back with screws and washers

  3. A strip of wood and screws can be use to secure the carpet better at the bottom as well.

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