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PVC Insect Maze


Food-Based Enrichment


Great for pretty much any insect eating animal


Food Extraction


Oral Manipulation

Why We Like It

This is a great enrichment to stimulate hunting behaviors in insectivores and other animals that enjoy eating insects. This enrichment can be mounted vertically up against an enclosure or can be laid flat on the ground to allow animals to search the maze for insects.

  • 3-5 pieces of 2" PVC pipe

  • 2" PVC elbow connectors

  • Two 2" PVC end caps

  • 1" hole saw

  • PVC glue

How to Make It
  1. Use a hole saw to drill 1" holes down the length of each PVC pipe

  2. Attach PVC pipes to elbow connectors and secure with PVC glue

  3. Secure PVC end caps on to the very ends of the PVC maze and secure with PVC glue

  4. Let glue dry, wash the maze, and fill with insects

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