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Meat Barrel Surprise


Food-Based Enrichment


Best for large carnivores, but size can be modified for smaller carnivores

Food Extraction

Problem Solving


Predatory Behaviors

Why We Like It

We love this food-based cognitive enrichment because it's more challenging than the traditional carcass feeding. The hanging barrel hides the meat and the holes in the barrel allow the animal to smell and see part of the carcass. The animal has to figure out how to access the carcass from the opening at the bottom of the barrel.

  • Large barrel

  • Method for drilling holes in barrel

  • Chain

  • Carcass or piece of meat

  • Method for securing chain to enclosure

How to Make It
  1. Drill various holes in the barrel. Ensure that there are two holes on opposite sides of the barrel towards the bottom.

  2. Thread the chain through one of the holes towards the bottom

  3. Secure the carcass onto the chain

  4. Thread the chain through the opposite hole on the bottom of the barrel

  5. Secure both ends of the chain to the enclosure

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