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Jollyball Coral Feeder


Food-Based Enrichment


Great for sea turtles, can be used with fish, pinnipeds and cetaceans, otters, and some other aquatic animals

Food Extraction

Object Manipulation



Why We Like It

We haven't seen anything quite like this before! This is a really cool way to simulate coral feeding for captive sea turtles, and once the animal is done eating, they can have fun interacting with the ball. This can also be used for manatees, fish, otters, and other water-dwelling animals.

How to Make It
  1. Cut cucumbers, carrots, celery, or other veggies into long, thin strips (about 1" in diameter)

  2. Drill various holes (about 1" holes depending on the diameter of your food sticks) around the ball

  3. Stick the veggie strips into each hole

  4. Toss in the water and watch your animal enjoy!

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