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Hanging Feathers


Sensory Enrichment


Best for meat-eating animals such as small cats, small canids, meerkats, mongoose, raccoons, and more.

Object Manipulation

Tactile Behavior



Why We Like It

This is a wonderful sensory enrichment that can evoke predatory behaviors in small carnivores. It's also a great way to use dropped feathers from birds at your facility. You can also spray scents on the feathers to renew this item's novelty.

  • Feathers (natural and not dyed)

  • Twine

How to Make It
  1. Clean and sterilize the feathers

  2. Tie them together at the ends using a piece of twine. Leave the tail of the twine long enough to tie up somewhere in the encosure

  3. Tie the enrichment to a secure place in the enclosure so that the animals can easily access the feathers

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