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Hanging Container Forager


Food-Based Enrichment


For use with giraffe, okapi, and anteaters. Can be modified for use with other hoofed animals.

Oral Manipulation

Food Extraction



Why We Like It

This enrichment is great for giraffe and okapi since they have long tongues designed to grab leaves and branches, but a shallower version could be used for other species of hoofstock. 

How to Make It
  1. Use a hole saw to drill holes in the wooden board and sand them until smooth

  2. Use the same size hole saw to drill holes in the bottom of each container and sand until smooth

  3. Line up the container holes with the holes in the board. Then, use a drill (with a drillbit complimentary to the size of your carraige bolts) to drill holes through the wooden board and through all 4 corners of each container

  4. Attach each container to the wooden board with a bolt, a washer on each side, and a nut on the inside of the containers

  5. Attach two screw eyes to the top of the board and hang the enrichment by carabiners

  6. Put food in the containers and put the lids on before hanging the enrichment

WildThink did not create and does not own any of the enrichment items shown on WildThink's enrichment database. Enrichment items are the property of their respective "sources", which can be found below the title of each enrichment item. WildThink is not responsible for any animal injuries or deaths that may occur whilst using enrichment found on WildThink's enrichment database. It is the responsibility of animal caretakers, managers, curators, and attending veterinarians to ensure that each enrichment item and the materials used to make the enrichment item are safe and suitable for an animal prior to use. WildThink is not liable for enrichment malfunctions.

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