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Hamster Ball Feeder


Food-Based Enrichment


Great for aquatic animals like penguins, otters, fish, sharks, rays, octopuses, pinnipeds, cetaceans, and turtles.

Problem solving

Food extraction



Why We Like It

This enrichment puts a spin on feeding time for aquatic animals, encouraging them to push the ball around to extract food. This enrichment can also encourage animals like otters and penguins to spend more time in the water.

  • Clear plastic hamster ball

  • Hole saw

  • Sand paper

How to Make It
  1. Use a hole saw to cut various holes in the hamster ball. The holes should be large enough for your animal's food to fall out of when the ball is pushed around under water.

  2. Smooth the edges of the holes you just cut using sandpaper. 

  3. Thoroughly clean the hamster ball and you're ready to go!

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