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Gourd Surprise


Physical & Structural


Most land animals




Object manipulation

Why We Like It

We love this enrichment because it is naturalistic and can be used with almost any animal. Fill it with food for a foraging exercise, or put straw and paper inside to encourage nest building.

  • Dried gourd

  • Hole saw

  • Bedding, straw, wood wool, or other stuffing

  • Food if desired

How to Make It
  1. Use a hole saw to drill one (or multiple) holes through the gourd

  2. If you'll be hanging the gourd, use a smaller drill bit to drill two holes across from one another near the top of the gourd, and thread some twine or rope through. Be sure that there is no chance of entanglement

  3. You can fill the gourd with food, nesting material, scents, or you can just put it directly in you animal's enclosure

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