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Giant Wind Chimes


Physical & Structural


Bears, large canids, large felids, hyena, hoofed animals, pachyderms, large primates

Object Manipulation




Why We Like It

This is a great enrichment for large animals who enjoy manipulating objects using their body. These wind chimes are sturdy and make noises when knocked around. They can be spray painted to look like bamboo or logs, so they're suitable for use at zoos requiring natural-looking enrichment on exhibit.


Stay tuned... we're working on this!

How to Make It
  1. Drill a hole through the bottom center of each PVC end cap big enough for the eye bolt to fit through

  2. Thread an eye bolt through each PVC end cap and secure it with a washer and a locking nut.  

  3. Place each completed cap onto each PVC pipe and secure the end caps with PVC glue. These will be the "chimes"

  4. To make the top bar that will support the chimes, drill 5 equally-spaced holes all the way through the PVC pipe

  5. Thread an eye bolt through each hole in the support PVC pipe and secure it with a washer and a locking nut 

  6. Attach a chime to each eye bolt on the top support bar using a quick link. Use a metal bonding glue to secure the spinning bit on the quick link.

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