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Cone Food Spinner


Cognitive Enrichment


Pigs, camels, equids, large ruminants, elephants, rhinos, tapirs, hippos.

Problem solving

Object Manipulation



Why We Like It

This is a durable enrichment suitable for large animals, particularly pachyderms and hoofstock. We love this enrichment because it elicits physical activity and problem solving. Animals first have to figure out how to get food out, then repeatedly swing the apparatus around to access the food.

  • 2 traffic cones

  • Bolts

  • Locking nuts

  • Washers

  • Chain

  • Drill

How to Make It
  1. Position two traffic cones so that their bottoms are lined up and touching

  2. Fasten the cones together by drilling through the bottom pieces of the two cones and securing with a bolt, washer, and locking nut

  3. Repeat step 2 all the way around the base of the cones (about 4 inches apart)

  4. Attach the chain to the base of the cones by drilling a hole through the base

  5. Fill the double cone structure with bits of food

  6. Hang the enrichment from a structure in the exhibit

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