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Cardboard Shredding Mat


Sensory Enrichment


Felids, hedgehogs, tenrecs, mustelids, rodents, lagomorphs, shrews




Object Manipulation

Why We Like It

This is a super simple enrichment that can be used in so many ways. Put food between the cardboard strips for a foraging task, or spray scents on each strip to stimulate your animal's senses. You can even hide pieces of bedding between the strips for small animals.

  • Very shallow cardboard box (a shoebox lid will work well)

  • Large piece of cardboard

  • Tool to cut cardboard

  • Ruler

How to Make It
  1. Measure the width and depth of the shallow cardboard box using a ruler (example: 10"wide and 1" deep)

  2. Cut several strips of cardboard from your larger piece of cardboard that have the same measurements as the width and depth of your box (example: cut 25 pieces that measure 10" wide by 1" tall)

  3. Stack each strip of cardboard vertically inside the box

  4. Put food, nesting material, or scents between each strip of cardboard

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