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Bottle Pull


Cognitive Enrichment


Best for small land animals

Object manipulation

Problem Solving



Why We Like It

This is a great enrichment for smaller animals that encourages problem solving and gives a big reward output for solving the challenge. The bottle stuffing can be used as nesting material, too.

  • Clean plastic bottle

  • Butcher paper or newspaper

  • Twine

  • Treats

How to Make It
  1. Thoroughly clean the plastic bottle

  2. Poke two holes in the bottom of the bottle and thread the twine through each hole so that you can hang the bottle upside-down from the twine

  3. Keeping the bottle right-side up, place a bit of food in the bottom of the bottle

  4. Rip very long strips of newspaper or butcher paper and place the strips in the bottle with the ends of the strips hanging out the mouth of the bottle

  5. Place more food in the bottle followed by more strips

  6. Hang the bottle upside-down in your animal's enclosure. Be sure to pull the twine tight to avoid it wrapping around your animal

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