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Anteater PVC Forager


Food-Based Enrichment


Anteaters, aardvarks, echidnas, pangolins

Food Extraction

Oral Manipulation


Why We Like It

This is a great species-specific enrichment that encourages anteaters to use their tongues in a natural way. Use clear PVC pipes on exhibit to demonstrate anteater tongues in action!

  • 5 clear straight PVC pieces, 2" or 3" diameter and any length you'd like (larger diameter will be easier for the anteater)

  • 2 clear PVC T connectors (diameter should be sized to fit the above straight pieces)

  • 4 PVC elbow connectors of any color, sized to fit clear straight PVC pieces

How to Make It
  1. Assemble your feeder according to this diagram

  2. Thoroughly clean the apparatus prior to use

  3. Fill with appropriate treats

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