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See-Saw Feeder


Food-Based Enrichment


Best for smaller land-dwelling animals that forage for food

Food Extraction



Problem Solving

Why We Like It

By attaching a deck brush to a mini teeter-totter, you can make food-extraction behaviors a little more challenging! You can also add scents to this enrichment item instead of food.

  • Deck brush

  • Piece of wooden board

  • Small log cut in half lengthwise

  • Bolts long enough to span the deck brush and wooden board, compatible nuts

  • Screws long enough to span the 1/2 log and wooden board

  • Drill

How to Make It
  1. Drill holes the size of your bolts through the deck brush and wooden board

  2. Attach the deck brush to the wooden board using the bolts and secure with nuts

  3. Flip the board upside-down and place the 1/2 log in the middle of the board, ensuring that it is perpendicular to the deck brush on the other side. Attach using screws.

  4. Clean the deck brush

  5. Place bits of food (veggies, nuts, seeds, insects, grains) inbetween the bristles of the deck brush.

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