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Hanging Holey Wood Chunk


Food-Based Enrichment


Can be made the right size for just about any land animal.

Food Extraction

Object Manipulation


Problem Solving

Why We Like It

This is a slight variation to the Hanging Holey Log, but this is geared more towards smaller animals like otters, raccoons, birds, and even some reptiles. It's super easy to make and looks great. You can drill just about any size holes into the wood to accommodate your animal's size and the food you'll be using. This enrichment can be frustrating for animals since they have to hold the wood chunk steady before they can get food out. Consider shortening the rope in the beginning to make it a bit easier, and then increase the rope length as time goes on.

  • Wood chunk (a piece of log is great)

  • Sander & sandpaper

  • Eye bolt

  • Carabiner

  • Rope

  • Drill

  • Hole saw

How to Make It
  1. Cut your log chunk into the desired size. Cut off the bark and sand until smooth

  2. Drill a pilot hole into the top of the chunk and insert the eye bolt

  3. Drill holes into the chunk using a hole saw for larger holes or a drill if you're making smaller holes.

  4. Securely attach your rope to the carabiner

  5. Attach your carabiner to the eye bolt on the top of the wood chunk

  6. Fill the holes with food! You can plug the holes with leaves after you've put the food in to increase the challenge.

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